Dorrie Tames Powell

Dorrie Tames Powell

Office Phone: 805-969-1258
Mobile Phone: 805-451-2576
E-Mail Address: [email protected]

Santa Barbara and surrounding communities

If you asked me what I do for a living, I would tell you that I connect my clients to their best possible lives. For over twenty years, I’ve combined my business and design expertise with my marketing savvy, throwing in endless enthusiasm and determination, to reach the same goal: I deliver dreams. My passion lies in helping my clients ascertain their own definitions of home and a successful lifestyle; and then providing them with the opportunities to realize their visions.

My experience as the co-­?owner of an environmental design and development company, where I have contributed to the creation of healthy, efficient, artful homes and workplaces, has given me a deep understanding and knowledge of the many ways that my clients can incorporate sustainable design and building practices into their own properties for greater financial and personal well being.

One of my greatest joys is demonstrating to my clients that green isn’t just one option; it’s the best option. Whether I’m delivering an inspiring home, locating a rewarding investment property, or assisting in the pursuit of a new project, I focus on one guiding question: Will my client be better off at the end of our professional relationship? I work endlessly to make sure the answer is always an unequivocal yes.