Condor Express Whale Watching Tours

Condor Express Whale Watching Tours

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Condor Cruises and the CONDOR EXPRESS - the premier Whale Watching and Party/Dinner Cruise venue in California. Located in the beautiful city of  Santa Barbara we offer the most comfortable, advanced vessel on the west coast. Each of our crew members are trained and experienced naturalist with 30+ years of service. You will be impressed with just how well our captains know these waters and love the incredible animals we spend so much time with. When you ride on the CONDOR EXPRESS, you are riding with the experts!

Whale Watching and Island Excursions

The Santa Barbara Channel is home to over 30 different species of whales, dolphins, and seals and sealions that visit throughout the year, making these waters some of the most consistent locations found anywhere to view a variety of marine mammals. From May through November (summer season) our cruising grounds include the nutrient rich waters around Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and San Miguel Islands. It's this area that is generally considered to contain one of the world's highest concentration of feeding blue whales and humpback whales in the world!  In the winter and spring months we visit with the California gray whale herd as it passes by on both their Southern and Northern migration.

Whale Watching Seasons

  • WinterDecember thru mid-February Gray Whales (southern migration)
  • Spring mid-February thru end of April Gray Whales (northern migration)
  • Summer - May thru November Humpback & Blue Whales

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